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VIQUA SteriPEN Ultra - VIQUA SteriPEN Ultra

VIQUA SteriPEN Ultra
Safe drinking water, Anywhere Anytime.

Traveling over seas or just hiking in New Zealand, are you sure the water is safe to drink?

Now you can take along your own VIQUA SteriPEN Ultra to treat your drinking water and deactivate harmful bacteria and viruses using UV technology.
NZ$ 199.90
NZ$ 149.90 including GST
VIQUA SteriPEN Ultra
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VIQUA from Canada is a name you can trust. We having been importing the VIQUA Sterilight brand household UV systems for many years and now using the same technology you can treat your water on the go.

The SteriPEN’s high-contrast OLED display makes water treatment simple and fun.

Just remove the cap, press the button and stir until you see the smile.

The user-friendly OLED display also shows treatment success/failure, treatment status, treatment volume and battery status, Ultra is the most advanced UV water purifier around.

Plus, it is USB-rechargeable so you’ll never have to buy and replace batteries!

*It destroys:

- 99.9999% of Bacteria,

- 99.99% of Viruses,

- 99.9% of Protozoa.

*Product specifications:

Usage: Up to 50 liters per charge
UV lamp life: 8,000 treatments
Warranty: 3 year limited warranty
Contents: SteriPEN® Ultra, USB cable, carrying case, user’s guide *contains internal rechargeable (non-removable) battery


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