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VIQUA 2X10B KIT - Viqua 10 inch Big Blue Kitset Package Deal

The Alpine Pure NSF Certified Gradient Density Prefilters have different micron size as the water travels through the cartridge. First cartridge 50-30-20 micron and the second 20-5-1 micron and NSF approved.

The replacement parts are 10 B PS GD 20 Gradient Density 20 micron. 10 B PS GD 01 Gradient Density 1 micron.  Lamp is a S36RL and Quartz tube QS-012


Viqua 10 inch Big Blue Kitset Package Deal
This package includes the new Viqua VH410 130 LPM Flow UV system made in Canada with, 2 x 10" Big Blue Heavy Duty Housings (NSF Approved)and our 10" x 4 1/2" NSF approved 50-20 and 20-1 micron genuine gradient density prefilters, 1" nipples and 1 x 600mm long 1" SS Flexi Hose, SS Bracket, SS Screws, Housing Spanner, ready to assemble. This system is suitable for a 2 bathroom family home. (When comparing prices please ask) Are the cartridges and housings NSF approved? Are the cartridges genuine 3 layer Gradient Density? Are the housings world standard sizes? Is the UV system made in Canada? Are parts available all over New Zealand?
We will deliver this kitset for $6 freight charge to your nearest freight depot to you for you to collect.
NZ$ 1,390.00
NZ$ 1,159.00 including GST
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