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VIQUA 2X10B KIT - Viqua 10 inch Big Blue Kitset Package Deal


Viqua 10 inch Big Blue Kitset Package Deal
This package includes the new Viqua VH410 130 LPM Flow UV system made in Canada with, 2 x 10" Big Blue Heavy Duty Housings (NSF Approved)and our 10" x 4 1/2" NSF approved 50-20 and 20-1 micron genuine gradient density prefilters, 1" nipples and 1 x 600mm long 1" SS Flexi Hose, SS Bracket, SS Screws, Housing Spanner, ready to assemble. This system is suitable for a 2 bathroom family home. (When comparing prices please ask) Are the cartridges and housings NSF approved? Are the cartridges genuine 3 layer Gradient Density? Are the housings world standard sizes? Is the UV system made in Canada? Are parts available all over New Zealand?
We will deliver this kitset for $6 freight charge to your nearest freight depot to you for you to collect.
NZ$ 1,390.00
NZ$ 1,159.00 including GST
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The Alpine Pure NSF Certified Gradient Density Prefilters have different micron size as the water travels through the cartridge. First cartridge 50-30-20 micron and the second 20-5-1 micron and NSF approved.

The replacement parts are 10 B PS GD 20 Gradient Density 20 micron. 10 B PS GD 01 Gradient Density 1 micron.  Lamp is a S36RL and Quartz tube QS-012



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