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WATER IMP - Water Imp Water Softener Alternative

Water Imp Water Softener Alternative
Living in a hard water area? Limescale causing a problem?

The Water Imp Conditioner is THE water softener alternative! It is a set and forget system that we have been trialing for 4 years now with exceptional results. Simply tightly wind the electromagnetic cable around your water main (plastic or Copper) and plug it into the nearest single phase outlet. The limescale is reduced and what is still present is not set hard and easy to wipe off.

In areas of hard water, the calcium builds up in your main pipes, washing machine/dishwasher elements, and electric heaters. The result is extra expense, early breakdown of equipment, costly replacement, and the inconvenience of trying to remove white stains on your shower doors and tiles as well as your stainless steel surfaces. This Super Imp is made in the UK
NZ$ 499.90
NZ$ 389.00 including GST
awaiting stock

The Water Imp is an electro magnetic device that breaks down the calcium in the system to prevent it from sticking to pipes, boilers, supply tanks, domestic appliances etc. The calcium stays in the water but does not adhere and is discharged on an everyday basis, i.e. through taps, baths, toilets, and domestic equipment.

Unlike water softeners and detergents, the Water Imp magnetic water conditioner does not require constant application. Just turn the unit on, and leave it… it’s that simple. Also the long-term costs of both softeners and detergents can be staggering. With the Water Imp, you only pay a small price for the unit, and it’s guaranteed to last at least 5 years

  • Requires power supply close to water pipe.
  • Wrap the wire around the pipe as in the image and plug into power supply
  • The pipe can be vertical or horizontal
  • No plumbing is needed and it takes about 20 minutes D.I.Y.

Water Imp units have a constant success rate of 98% worldwide!

The only objectively tested device of its kind. See our Bath University report.

Click on this link for Water Imp UK web site

Electronic Water Conditioners (using magnetic water treatment) are not salt based water softeners, but effectively alter the formation of calcium carbonate crystals (limescale), so that they remain in suspension in small particles and do not form hard crystalline deposits (hard water scale) inside pipes, boilers and domestic appliances.


Water Conditioner:
•Inhibits Limescale
•Less Detergent Required
•Reduces Heating Costs
•Extends Life of Plumbing and Appliances
•Sink and Bath Surfaces Easier to Clean
•Keeps Shower Heads Clean
•Easily Fitted, No Pipes to Cut
•Retain Natural Health Giving Minerals


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