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Due to the growth of our business we have shifted to a larger warehouse.

New Address 2/9 Smales Road, East Tamaki, Auckland


 NZ Filter publish our wholesale prices to enable you to compare our products and complete your purchase without leaving the comfort of your home.   We import our own Water Filters, Water Purifiers, Water Filter Cartridges, UV Systems, Alpine Pure Water Treatment Systems and are all priced accordingly.


NZ Supplier of Water Filter Brackets, Spanners, John Guest Fittings, Tap Faucets SV-3 SV-6 Pipe Clamps, Flexi Hoses, Water Filter Parts


1/2" (15mm) Female to 1/4" Pipe Connector
NZ$ 14.90 EA
NSF-61 Certified, Quick Connect Fitting 1/2" (15mm) Female to 1/4" Pipe Connector. suitable for use with our 1/4" LLDPE Tube Most plumbing fittings coming through the wall in a home are 1/2" (15mm). If you are using a washing machine or garden tap then you require a 3/4" fitting....
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Digital Meter 0-9,990 ppm
Digital Meter 0-9,990 ppm
NZ$ 99.90 EA
NZ$ 69.00 EA
This new model measures from 0 - 999 ppm and is used for measuring Total Dissolved Solids in your water supply. Also a great way to check the performance of Reverse Osmosis systems, DI systems and the Desalination watermaker systems on boats. Similar to the photo but may not be the same....
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Maximum Delivery charges per order only $6.00 to Cities or Towns and only $10.00 for Rural Deliveries


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