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UV4 2X10BB - Whole House Viqua UV4 System


Whole House Viqua UV4 System
This Absolute H2O UV is made by Viqua in Canada. Viqua is the worlds largest UV manufacturers including the Trojan and Sterilight brands. This small budget priced UV has been coupled with the high flow 10 inch Big Blue filters and genuine Gradient Density 20 and 1 micron prefilters. 20mm BPS female inlet port and a 15mm BSP male exit port from the UV. 240 volt Aussie and NZ power plug without the 365 day countdown. The UV4 unit has a 24 LPM flow rate enough for 2 taps running at once. Please note we can supply this unit as a 12 volt system for use with Solar, RV and Boats for an extra $80
NZ$ 949.90
NZ$ 767.40 including GST
UV4 2X10BB
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