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AP 948 - Alpine Pure 948 Filox Auto Backwash


Alpine Pure 948 Filox Auto Backwash
This Alpine Pure Water Treatment System is the very best for iron and manganese removal up to 10 parts per million. This system will provide a water flow of 25 LPM. Our Filox Iron Water Filter Tanks remove iron, sulfur, and manganese. They also control turbidity, reduce chlorine (if present), and have many other benefits. They are also "Chemical Free", so there are no chemicals to add, mix or drink. Filox is a mineral bed inside of a high pressure backwashable tank, which when backwashed sends the foreign substances in your water down the drain. These filters are also great for making your water softener work more efficiently and smoothly for many years by removing the resin contaminating iron and manganese before the softener.

Runxin F67 Full Electronic Backwash Valve Included.
NZ$ 1,790.00 including GST
AP 948
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