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10 STD CR1 - 10" X 2 ½" STD CR1 Giadia/Cysts/Chlorine

These KX industries cartridges are now a discontinued line. We have been trialling the New Omnipure 0.5 Micron carbon block with all the same specs as the KX CR1 for the last few months with great results. All orders will be supplied with the new Omnipure.
The 0.5 micron Omnipure is also rated for Cysts and is made in the USA.
Suitable for town supply water.
0.5 micron for Giardia/Cysts chlorine taste and odor.
NZ$ 59.90
NZ$ 44.70 including GST
10 STD CR1
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  • 0.5µm Filtration
  • High Chemical Adsorptive Capacity
  • High VOC and TOC Reduction
  • High Turbidity Reduction
  • The KX MATRIKX + CR1 19-250-125-975 water filter reduces cysts and large volumes and concentrations of chlorine taste and odor.

    The KX +CR1 water filter is manufactured using a patented, solid-state extrusion process.

    The KX MATRIKX + CR1 meets NSF/ANSI Standard 53, Turbidity and Cyst Reduction, including Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Entamoeba and Toxoplasma.

    Made of "Genuine MATRIKX Extruded Carbon"
    The KX Industries + CR1 is a rigid, carbon block composite designed to deliver chlorine taste and odor reduction at >99% @ 2.5 GPM for 10,000 gallons.
    The KX MATRIKX + CR1 carbon filter is ideal for use in food service applications.



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