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TW10BB-34 - Twin 10" Big Blue Rural/Town System with 3/4" (20mm) Ports


Twin 10
This set up is a very common sight on Rural properties. Ideal for tank or bore water filtration.This Whole of House system is an excellent performer and yet very cost effective. Used in both Rural and City Properties. These NSF Approved Alpine Pure System Housings are for those of you that want the good water flow and High dirt/chlorine/heavy metals holding capacity. Manufactured with 3/4" BSP ports. Package includes 2 X 10" BIG Blue housings, Twin Stainless Steel bracket with SS screws, spanner and a 20mm housing joiner. Suitable for all our 10" X 4 1/4" carbon or sediment filter cartridges. No Cartridges included in this package deal.

In a rural situation we recommend the 50-20 micron Gradient Density followed by a 20-1 micron final cartridge if sediment removal is all you need. If Taste or Odor is and issue then the 20-1 micron Gradient Density goes first followed by a Carbon Block 5 or 10 micron depending on your budget.
NZ$ 360.00
NZ$ 260.00 including GST
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For use on a Chlorinated town water supply a 20-1 micron Gradient Density always goes first followed by the 0.5 micron carbon block PB1 for the Ultimate protection or the 5 micron CTO for Chlorine, Taste and Odor removal. This whole house system when installed on a Town water supply will need a pressure limiting valve installed before the housings to protect them from too much pressure.


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