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BT 10 CKX - Benchtop E-Coli Filtration System 1 inch Ceramikx


Benchtop E-Coli Filtration System 1 inch Ceramikx
This benchtop filter system comes with all fittings as shown to connect to your tap whether you have a single tap or a faucet. This 10" Std size housing is big enough to supply safe filtered water to your whole family for 12 months. Includes a submicron Doulton Supercarb OBE Ceramic, Silver and Carbon cartridge made in England. This water filter is designed to be used with untreated tank water that has E-Coli, Cysts, Giardia, Bacteria, Chlorine, Taste and Odor.(see specs in our carbon cartridges pages) If your water supply has a large amount of sediment we recommend using our twin housing system so that a 1 micron prefilter is used to protect the Ceramic cartridge from premature blocking. Ready to fit on your tap and use.
NZ$ 249.90
NZ$ 185.00 including GST
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Technical Details

  • Chlorine, taste and odor removal.
  • Tested with live Cryptosporidium to a removal efficiency >99.999%
  • Highly efficient bacteriological
  • Reduces 99.99% Harmful Bacteria (E.Coli,Salmonella)
  • Reduces Cyst 99.99%

Product Description

Doulton Ceramic Water Filter open ends Candle w/Carbon Block Core, this cleanable filter elements designed to remove suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria, and chemical contaminants. In addition they will improve taste and reduce trace contaminants. Tested in accordance with NSF protocols for cyst, turbidity, particulates, and chlorine reduction (Class 1). The cartridge is based on a Sterasyl ceramic pre-filter shell. The ceramic contains a specially formulated self-sterilizing silver compound therefore, the Sterasyl element does not require sterilization after cleaning. Inside the ceramic shell is a carbon block post-filter which forms a tightly packed matrix and is effective for chlorine, taste and odor removal. Recommended flow rate 0.5 GPM. Recommended change frequency 12 months or 1,000 gallons, whichever is sooner. This candle double open ends cartridge (both ends are open not a screw in type) will fit any industry-standard housing using 10" length by 2 ½" width.

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