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E-COLI12V - E-Coli Twin Filter with 45 psi 12 volt Pump


 E-Coli Twin Filter with 45 psi 12 volt Pump
This is the ultimate quality under bench water filter system all ready for installation. Package includes all fittings, 1/4" NSF pressure pipe,housings, bracket, Regency ceramic disc faucet, a 1 micron gradient density pre filter and the solid submicron Ceramic, Silver and Carbon Doulton Supercarb OBE cartridge from England as the final cartridge. Suitable for any water source supply. If you are on tank water the Ceramic submicron cartridge will reduce your Ecoli by more than 99.99% The pump will run on 12 volt and provide 10.3 LPM flow with 45 PSI including pressure switch to ensure the Ceramic cartridge has the 40 PSI pressure needed. An easily washable prefilter/strainer is fitted prior to the pump for a longer life.
NZ$ 599.90
NZ$ 499.00 including GST
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