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FH 10B-1 CLEAR - Clear 10 inch Jumbo Housing 1" (25mm) Ports


Clear 10 inch Jumbo Housing 1
Alpine Pure Clear filter housing for 10 inch Full-Flow Big Blue/Jumbo filter cartridges; Made from Food Grade materials. Heavy Duty 10" Jumbo with 1" (25mm) ports. Max 90 psi. These 10" jumbo housings are used for whole house systems as a single unit or a twin unit when joined together with 1" nipples and a twin SS bracket. Suitable for all 10" X 4 1/2" filter cartridges. Complete as shown with SS bracket, SS Screws, and Spanner. Please note if this clear housing is situated in sunlight it will grow green algae inside it. Please also note this filter housing does not include any filter cartridge.
NZ$ 189.90
NZ$ 139.90 including GST
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