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FH 10-34 - 10 inch Std Housing 3/4" (20mm) Ports


10 inch Std Housing 3/4
Alpine Pure filter housing with 3/4" or 20mm ports for a Full-Flow standard size filter. Made from Food grade materials. Max 125 psi. These 10" Std size housings are used for a small whole house system as a single unit or when two housings are joined together with 3/4" nipples and a twin bracket. Suitable for all 10" X 2 1/2" filter cartridges. Complete as shown with SS bracket, SS Screws, and Spanner. This filter is the correct size to connect to any exterior tap for filtering water to a garden hose or water tanks while camping, boating ETC. We recommend using the 0.5 micron CR1, PB1 for tank drinking water or the CTO 5 micron for Chlorine removal only. As a sediment filter go to the 10 inch x 2 1/2 inch Gradient Density Polyspun filters for a range of micron sizes. Please note this filter does not include any filter cartridge.
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FH 10-34
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