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20 BIG DI - 20" x 4-¼" Deionizing Cartridge


20" x 4-¼" Deionizing Cartridge with USA made Resintech MBD-10-SC resin.

Deionizing resin is normally not able to be regenerated so it is very important that a good quality prefilter system be designed and installed (for your particular water source and flow rate) prior to this filter to prolong its life.

Deionizing water filters are used to remove mineral ions from the water.
NZ$ 229.00 including GST
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Deionization is a process that uses a mixed bed resin, one Negative charged with hydrogen ions and one Positive charged with hydroxide ions.
All mineral ions have either a positive charge or a negative charge.
When the water containing the dissolved mineral ions passes over the Positive charged Resin it attracts the negative mineral ions and vice versa the Negative charged Resin attracts the positive charged mineral ions.
The Negative charged Resin will release hydrogen ions and the Positive charged Resin will release hydroxide ions. These will then combine to form water.

Once all the dissolved mineral ions displace all the active hydrogen and hydroxide the resin will have become exhausted and will need to be replaced or regenerated.

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