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EV PRO1500 - Everpure Pro Series 1500

• Capacity: 2,840 L

Removes the following contaminants:






Bad Taste and Odor

The EV9300-15 does not remove fluoride

Install vertically with cartridge hanging down

Allow 2-1/2” clearance below the cartridges for easy cartridge replacement

Always flush the system by running water through new cartridges before use

Change cartridges on a regular 12 month preventative maintenance program or after

2,840 L use

Change cartridges when capacity is reached or when pressure falls below 10 psi

Everpure Pro Series 1500
This cartridge is compatible with Zenith 91240NZ and Zip 91240 water filters. Zenith and Zip water filters used in the hot/cold underbench systems are made by Everpure USA. They can be identified by their black top where standard Everpure cartridges have the white top.

• Professional Series water filtration cartridge that reduces particles down to 1/2 micron in size.

• Professional grade filtration system

• Improves the flavor of hot beverages and cold drinks

• Produces clearer, better tasting ice

• Yields consistent high-clarity water throughout the life of the cartridge

• Certifications: NSF 42, NSF 53
NZ$ 219.90
NZ$ 134.97 including GST
EV PRO1500
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