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TW10BPS20-1 - Whole House 10" Big Twin Sediment Filter


Whole House 10
Twin Whole of House 10" Big Sediment filter system using Alpine Pure Gradient Density filters.

50 LPM flow rate and it is used when sediment is the main reason for fitting filters.

Uses two grades of sediment filters, in the first housing there is a 50 to 20 micron filter and the second housing contains a 20 to 1 micron filter.

Kit includes: Two Polyspun Gradient Density Filters and two Big Blue housings with 25mm BSP Ports, Double Stainless Steel bracket, housing spanner, SS housing screws, housing jointer.
NZ$ 309.00 including GST
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*Gradient Density, Multi-Layered, Melt Blown Sediment Filter Cartridge.
*Larger particles are trapped in the outer layers, smaller particles penetrate deeper.
*Greater dirt holding ability and longer life than non-layered cartridges.
*Thermally bonded polypropylene micro fibers for purity and chemical compatibility
*Contains no binders, agents, solvents, antistatic materials or wetting agents

Alpine Pure filter Housings are NSF approved with 25mm (1”) BSP ports. 20mm BSP ports can be ordered at no extra cost by adding a request on the checkout page.

Max 90 psi..


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